Lisbon Hotel Restaurants & Bars

Flores Restaurant
The Flores Restaurant is open to guests and local residents for lunch and dinner.
The contemporary cuisine of Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa embraces the gastronomy of the past Portuguese colonies and fuses them with oriental and international flavours.

Café Bar
The hot Lisbon meeting point.
The café Bar comprises three different levels – the central bar on street level, the Igloo lounge on the lower level and the Mezzanine.

The two lower floors form the main bar area where cocktails and light meals are served and guest DJs give live performances.
A varied musical agenda including classical, ethnic and lounge livens the nights at the Café Bar making it the ‘in’ place of the Bairro Alto nightlife.
The Igloo lounge may also be used as a private screening room or for private parties of approximately 25 persons.

Partitioned by a glass wall, The Mezzanine, with its fireplace, books and newspapers offers a relaxed, quieter space like an interior terrace.

The Terrace
Situated on the top floor, the Terrace offers an idyllic place to read, linger or appreciate a panoramic view of Lisbon.
Light meals and sandwiches are served; great place for a midday break.

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