• Bairrada

Stepped in a wine-making tradition the terrain of Bairrada continues to be a major region for white and red wines. Located at the foot of the Caramulo and Buçaco hills and extending to the coast, the climate in this area of Portugal is extremely favourable for good grape growing.

The vines here are cultivated in small plots of flat land and two different types of soil are used; clay limestone and sandy. It’s these soils which partly influence the taste of the grape and the cool climate of Bairrada also helps.

This region is well-known for its sparkling wines produced from such grape varieties as the Maria Gomes, Arinto and Bical. In terms of reds, Bairrada produces fully bodied and beautifully-tasting wines and uses the local red grape called Baga which helps to give a rich, complex and fruity taste.

Like other Portuguese wine-growing regions, Bairrada also uses national and international grape varieties like the popular Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Merlot.