• Bucelas

The wine from Bucelas has been sipped and savoured for centuries and continues to be a distinguished flavoursome wine made just outside of Lisbon.

Being so close to the vibrant capital, the small town of Bucelas enjoys plenty of visitors who stop off to sample the high-quality wines that grow in this small vineyard region close to the Tagus estuary.

Although viticulture existed in this part of Portugal since Roman times it was not popularised outside of Portugal until the Duke of Wellington discovered its charms while he was in the country fighting in the Peninsular War in the early 1800s. This led to large quantities being exported to Great Britain where Bucelas wine became a fashionable drink in London.

Fast forward a couple of centuries and although the production of Bucelas wine is not as vast as it once was the vines continue to produce a first-class white wine using predominately the Arinto grape. There are different types of Bucelas wines with a variety of characteristics from fruity zesty flavours to rich, oak-inspired tastes. Some of the well-known labels include Morgado de Santa Catherina, Prova Régia, Quinta do Avelar and Quinta da Murta.