• Colares

In Sintra there's a little wine region that produces a ruby-coloured wine that increases its unusual velvety texture and bouquet as it grows old. The distinguished Colares wine region is where you will find this excellent-quality wine as well as stunning views over the ocean.

The vines are grown in very sandy soil and the branches extend in a unique way twisting and turning along the ground giving them an unusual appearance. It’s thanks to this extraordinary growth pattern that the Colares vines were spared from a grape pest blight that destroyed a huge amount of vines across Europe in the 19th century.

The vines grow along the southwestern coast of Colares which falls in the Estremadura region of Portugal and are protected from the Atlantic breezes by large sand dunes. Typically they produce full-bodied, red wines and the grape varieties include Arinto, Jampal and Malvasia.