• Ribatejo

The Ribatejo region unfolds along the river Tagus from Portugal’s capital Lisbon to the river Zêzere. The beautiful countryside is verdant and green with fertile riverside meadows.

Vines have also been growing on this land for centuries. In fact, Ribatejo’s wine history goes back such a long way that the monarchs of the 14th and 15th centuries were so impressed with its taste they banned any other wine coming into the region from elsewhere.

Today the wines from Ribatejo are just as celebrated locally with several different wine routes on offer to visitors who want to explore this region while enjoying some rich red and white wines along the way.

This wine-growing area is home to two nature reserves – the Estuário do Tejo and Paul do Boquilobo – as well as Almourol Castle, which sits on a tiny islet, and the picturesque town of Constância.

The well-made white wines from Ribatejo are smooth, velvety, fruity and sometimes can have a strong, full-bodied alcohol content.

Renowned good quality wines are the Convento de Tomar, the Caves Dom Teodósio and the Quinta de Alorna, and are served locally to complement the meat and fish specialities from the region.