• Fish

With a rich coastline abundant in fresh fish, Portugal can take you on a gastronomic trip to remember with its simple sardines and amazing variety of regional dishes. Take a look!

Arroz de Polvo (Octopus rice): This is a rice stew made of diced octopus cooked in tomatoes and onions. You can also try the octopus rice cooked in red wine (Arroz de Polvo com Vinho Tinto).

Bacalhau à Braz (Salted cod à la Braz): Salted cod, very finely cut chips, garlic and onion mixed with eggs and garnished with parsley. Very, very simple and truly delicious!

Bacalhau com Natas (Salted cod with cream): Yet another salted cod recipe from the over three hundred recipes devised by the Portuguese to cook this fish. The salted cod is fried with onions and baked in the oven in a cream-based white sauce and diced potatoes. It tastes even better when served with a cold salad!

Caldeirada (Fish stew): This unique Portuguese fish stew is made with various types of fish, including monkfish, ray, sea bass and grey mullet which are mixed with onion, garlic, tomatoes, green and red peppers and parsley. The types of fish used vary from region to region.

Sardinhas Assadas (Grilled sardines): Definitely one of Portugal’s most sought after dishes. You cannot come to Portugal and not try the grilled sardines! Fresh from the Atlantic ocean, sardines are amongst Portugal’s best fresh fish and are eaten from North to South. Served either on a simple slice of bread or with boiled potatoes and a delicious salad, Portugal’s freshly grilled sardines are an outstanding meal any time. But if you’re looking for the tastiest and freshest sardines, you should eat them in the months with no "r" in them.