What's On in Lisbon

Lisbon is an eclectic, cosmopolitan city with a historic heart; an enticing tangle of charming cobblestone streets, stately squares and undulating hills. Portugal Liveis Portugal’s biggest online promoter, offering a fantastic guide to keep you informed of the latest happenings in Lisbon, from cultural events and exhibitions to the newest restaurants, best wine bars and hippest nightclubs.

Explore the city’s marvellous monuments with the click of a button! Get to know the most popular attractions before you travel, or reminisce about the beautiful places you’ve seen in our photo gallery.

Our Cultural Agenda offers a sample of the capital’s busy events calendar, with an unmissable list of concerts, festivals and arts events throughout the year.

Check our up-to-date weather forecast before travelling to ensure you pack comfortably for your trip, whether you are heading to sun-drenched beaches or hiking through the mountains in the north.

Want to know how to get around Lisbon? Our detailed maps can point you in the right direction, whether you are looking for route maps for the metro or a location guide to Visitar Lisbon recommended hotels.


What's On in Madeira

Madeira Web is the consummate online guide to the floating garden of the Atlantic. Whether you are interested in cultural celebrations, food and wine festivals or simply discovering new things to see and do, the events calendar will help you stay connected to what’s on in Madeira.

Stunning images in our photo gallery and locally-filmed videos offer an intriguing insight into Madeira’s lush landscapes and pristine coastline, as well as the colours and conviviality of the annual carnival and flower festival.

Visitors will be delighted by the island’s warm, subtropical weather, making it a popular year-round holiday destination. Our real-time forecast will keep you well-informed of the current weather conditions, including climatic averages and local satellite images.

Getting around is easy with our excellent collection of maps, which offer a helpful reference to the best diving, paragliding and surfing spots on the island, as well as a location guide to Madeira’s exclusive hotels and luxury accommodation.