Groups and Events Venue

The H2otel has thought about every single detail so that your group trip is all cared for by the hotel staff. The events management team at the hotel arranges everything, from transportation to refreshments during the events to the arrangement plans of the accommodation. Enclosed in such a fantastic setting, the H2otel offers a complete itinerary for visits in the region. The Serra da Estrela provides the ideal situation for beautiful walks through a natural habitat and it’s picturesque villages. The Unhais da Serra village is famous for its natural waters, proving to be a very interesting visit.

Professional entertainment can be arranged in the hotel for every age group. There are themed meals, private discos, shows, dances, live music and sing-a-long animated karaoke for adults. For the younger ones, the H2otel offers face painting, mini discos, magic shows, clowns and balloon modelling.

Make the most out of your stay at the H2otel by asking the Hotel’s team to organise your event.

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