Restaurant & Bar at the hotel

The cuisine at the H2otel Congress and Medical Spa is perfectly in tune with its location. The Alquimia Restaurant has created a unique dining experience that owes a lot to the Slow Food movement, mixing this with low temperature cooking and carefully selecting only the best natural ingredients to create delicious mountain fusion dishes.

This optimises the nutritional value and intensifies the flavours and enjoying this in a serene atmosphere with magnificent views over the rugged countryside makes it even more special. Vegetarian and light meals are also available, as are meals personalised for the individual guest as part of the Medical Spa programme, according to the needs identified during their nutritional evaluation.

Breakfast is served until 10:00 and until 10:30 on weekends in the Alquimia Restaurant.

The H2O Lounge Bar marries the rustic and the modern in an unusual and delightful design style. It enjoys dramatic panoramic views over the glacial valley and in winter the snow makes it even more enchanting. During the warmer seasons this space is extended outdoors to the vast Aroma Patio terrace, so named for the lovely smell of the natural park’s aromatic flowers.

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