SPA facilities at the H2otel hotel

The H2otel Congress and Medical Spa hotel has an exceptional aquatic wellness space. The Aquadome has 4 large, separate areas, each with a different focus and from where one can enjoy the scenic views over the glacial valley.

The Medical Spa starts with a diagnosis by the medical team after considering the guest’s clinical profile. A programme is then drawn up, integrating therapies with the most appropriate diet. In addition to the excellence of the treatments, the success of the Medical Spa owes much to the healthy environment of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park.

AquaCorpus is the part of the Aquadome most similar to a health centre and spa. Here one can work out at the fully equipped gym, enjoy a wide range of massages and other Oriental therapies and have 100% natural ingredient beauty treatments by Gernetic.

At AquaLudic the focus is on fun and games and simply enjoying the water in many different forms, such as in current pools and waterfalls; a perfect playful way to relax and get rid of stress. Entrance, including gym, Jacuzzis, interior and exterior current pools, Turkish bath, hamman, sauna and chromotherapy sauna is free for guests.

AquaTermas is Portugal’s most modern thermal water centre and uses the therapeutic mineral water of Unhais da Serra. It addresses different conditions and is specialised in the treatment of respiratory illnesses.

AquaFisio is a physiotherapy and osteotherapy centre whose high level of training and equipment makes it one of the best in Portugal.

Whether you benefit from the medical treatments, experience the blissful indulgence of the massage and beauty treatments or simply enjoy the fun and relaxation of the water and facilities, the Aquadome will be a highlight of your visit.

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