Porto Mare Hotel and Resort, Madeira

Welcome to the luxurious Porto Mare, a 4-star hotel boasting elegant grand spaces and first class hospitality. Situated in the central wing of the Vila Porto Mare Resort, the hotel shares a wide range of outstanding facilities with the adjacent Eden Mar Suite Hotel and The Residence, including gourmet restaurants, swimming pools, an ice-cream parlour and an exceptional spa complex.

Opulent modern furnishings and plenty of natural light complement the sleek contemporary design of this hotel. Guests are accommodated in comfortable, spacious bedrooms offering picturesque ocean and garden views.

The extensive grounds of the resort are a botanical oasis, containing more than 400 unique subtropical species, including rare Dragon trees that are native to Madeira. Many tropical plants have been imported from Australia, Central and South America, Africa and Asia, while grape vines, sugar cane and bananas are also cultivated, representing the agricultural history of Madeira. The gardens are ecologically maintained, using organic compost as a natural fertiliser and sourcing water for irrigation from the Levada dos Piornais. Guests can stroll through the paradisiacal gardens filled with fragrant flowers and birdsong, enjoying the peaceful ambience and discovering many shaded places to relax.

Experience the tranquil atmosphere of this lavish resort, complemented by attentive service, excellent gastronomy and impressive facilities.

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