Meeting, conference and event venue in Madeira

For those travelling on business, the Porto Mare Hotel is a superb venue for meetings, conferences and presentations. The professional meeting facilities have a spacious contemporary design, can be configured to suit the event (theatre, classroom, U-shape or boardroom style) and can host from 10 to 140 people. Corporate clients have access to four meeting rooms in the Vila Porto Mare Resort: the Algarve (170 m²), Antibes (103 m²), Monaco (70 m²) and Cascais (37 m²). The hotel can also provide catering for meetings, with a selection of light refreshments and drinks.

Audiovisual equipment, projectors and computers can be provided on request. Currency exchange services and access to fax machines are also available. In the meeting rooms, the Internet is accessible using a Powerline electric adaptor and Wi-Fi is available for one laptop computer.

In conjunction with excellent accommodation, outstanding facilities and attentive staff, your corporate function at the Porto Mare Hotel will undoubtedly be a rewarding and enjoyable event.


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