Montebelo Hotel & Spa, Viseu Portugal

The renovated 5 star Montebelo Hotel and Spa is a landmark of hospitality in the historic city of Viseu. You’ll be greeted with a warm welcome and every little detail will make you feel even more at home. The style is modern, while being relaxed and friendly; the restrained interplay of darker, comforting shades and lighter, calm tones sets the scene. Add soft, warm lighting and uncluttered spaces and the result is understated and sophisticated.

Whether you are a leisure traveller enjoying the unique attractions of the region or are here on business, the comfort of the rooms and the fantastic facilities, including a fully equipped spa and congress centre, will make your stay a pleasure and a success.

Penalva do Castelo - Casa da Ínsua
Vale da Aguieira - Montebelo Aguieira Lake & Resort Spa
Viseu - Palácio dos Melos Hotel :: Montebelo Hotel & Spa :: Príncipe Perfeito Hotel



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