Cascais Miragem’s Zensations Spa

If you need to relax profoundly, or just want to be pampered, Cascais Miragem’s Zensations Spa will float you away from your everyday life. The highly trained therapists will introduce you to the most recent generation of products and treatments in the 7 treatment rooms, including a relaxation area with views over the Atlantic Ocean.

The exclusive Zensations products are designed specifically to complement the various therapies offered. Together they activate all the senses, resolve accumulated stress and establish harmony between your body and mind. But first you’ll have to resolve a great dilemma: the treatment in which to indulge.

Various type of massages are offered. The 50 minute Special Zensations Massage is tailor made for you and by you. Who knows better than you what you need to relax? Choose the degree of pressure, the points to be addressed and the special oil to be used and then prepare for a personalised trip to bliss. Or do you really want some deep work on your muscles? The Sports Massage (30 minutes) reduces fatigue and muscle tension after exercise or accumulated during your daily life. And have you been thinking about your lymphatic system, which is so essential to your health? Why not treat it to a Manual Lymphatic Drainage? This treatment is indicated for cases of fluid retention, tired legs and excessive levels of uric acid.

Other deeply indulgent Zensations treatments include the 40 minute Body Exfoliation, which has been designed to combine improved circulation with the removal of dead skin cells, using a chocolate and cinnamon based compound. Following this a highly nutritious lotion is applied, leaving your skin silky soft and smooth. Or what about an 80 minute Hot Stones treatment, where the synergy of the heated stones and the grape pip and herb oils addresses all the senses for a state of complete peace? For immediate and very visible effects, the Sun Ceremony consists of an exfoliation with an orange and honey base before a tanning session.

For another sensational result after the very first treatment, experiment with the 60 minute Microdermabrasion, which is a controlled method of removing dead cells, especially indicated for aged, oily, pigmented and scarred skin. Another quick, but lasting treatment, is Crystal Clear Oxygen, where your skin’s increased oxygen absorption visibly reduces wrinkles.

The range of treatments seems endless. More conventional beauty treatments are presented alongside more holistic therapies, such as Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Reiki, Thai, Ayurveda and Tui Na Massages and Reflexology. Special luxury packages have also been formulated to make choosing a little bit easier. The three hour Special Zensations package, for example, starts with a Hot Stones massage and then has a scalp massage, followed by a feet and then a hands treatment, after which you enjoy a healthy lunch. The therapists will also be happy to create your own, personalised package for you.

Whatever you choose, the stylish setting and design and the friendly and professional service ensure that you’ll leave rejuvenated and with wonderful memories of this special indulgence.

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