H2otel Congress and Medical Spa hotel, Portugal

In a beautiful valley in the southern foothills of Portugal’s Serra da Estrela Mountains lies the new 4 star H2otel Congress and Medical Spa hotel. The dramatic, contemporary architecture is complemented by the materials and colours used, which harmonise with the magnificent surrounding landscape of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park. The result is a perfect communion with its location.

The water here has been considered therapeutic for many centuries and there have been many reports of “miraculous healings” attributed to it. This water is central to the concept of H2otel and is incorporated into its products and facilities, most notably in the Aquadome Wellness Centre.

The Aquadome is an exceptional aquatic space, with several large, separate zones, including the most advanced thermal water centre in Portugal, addressing specific needs, a spa with massages and beauty treatments and an area, loved by children and adults alike, where the focus is on simply enjoying water in many ways.

Whether for the nature, the water, the treatments, or even for your next business event, come and discover an unexpected and enchanting facet of Portugal at the H2otel.

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