Hotel Porto Santa Maria, Funchal, Madeira

Choosing the wonderful city of Funchal for your holiday? Set within the picturesque old town centre, the Hotel Porto Santa Maria in Madeira will definitely match the idyllic holiday experience every traveller aspires to delight in.

Inspiring you to become involved with the serenity of its rich landscape and its beautiful sea views, this 4-star hotel has arranged the best in facilities and services to heighten your level of comfort. Swimming pools, a restaurant with a variety of dining options, relaxing bars, elegant rooms with breathtaking views and a gym are just a few features that will piece your perfect holiday together.

Boasting its “genuine urban tranquillity”, this 4-star Porto Bay hotel is proud to share its carefree atmosphere with all of its guests. Whether you are captivated by its privileged location, fabulous features or peaceful mood, the Hotel Porto Santa Maria will grasp your attention because it is simply perfect.

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